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Free Social Security Guide

When to Start Social Security

And How to Get Higher Benefits

The First Thing You Should Know—it's not only about when, but also where! You can file for Social Security online, but you may miss out on higher benefits! Part of the strategy to get more benfits requires a paper application at the local Social Security office because there are some differences between it and the online version.

That's just the start. There is a good deal more planning that needs to happen before you go in to file, or else filing in person will do you no better.

Please continue below to find out why.

The Redlands, CA Social Security office at 1449 W. Redlands Blvd. is shown below.
Redlands, CA Social Security Office
There are other offices in San Bernardino, Riverside, Hemet, Fontana and Ontario.

Due to the Senior Citizen's Freedom to work act of 2000, and later adjustments, there are strategies (not available to your parent's generation) that you can now employ to get higher benefits if you know when and how to file. That's good news for newcomers. (Note: it has nothing to do with working, it's a sideline provision of the act.)

The bad news is that just like filing for taxes, it can be tricky to figure out what will work best for you and it is not the job of Social Security employees to spend a couple of hours with you helping you figure this out.

Here's why:
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) staff is prohibited from giving customized financial advice. They have a manual called the Program Operations Manual System (POMS) that tells them what they can say and do.
  • For example, one section of the manual states: "you may mention the following personal factors that one might consider. However, you should not provide any advice concerning these factors."
  • Later in the same manual it says, "The decision about when to begin receiving RIB (Retirement Income Benefit) is a personal one and there is no "right" answer for everyone."
They are right, there is no one size fits all and to do it correctly goes beyond the scope of their job description. So that's one issue, they don't give customized advice.
What's more, to do a proper analysis, it's critical to understand how your other retirement plan money will integrate with higher Social Security benefits and how it will affect your taxes.

That goes beyond just the plain facts about Social Security itself, and beyond what the SSA staff does. Please understand that the SSA staff can be very helpful in answering basic questions and assisting you make the actual claim once you know what you want to do,
but you need to know more about that before you apply!

That is where the free guide on when to start Social Security comes in...
when to start social security
You can get a copy free of charge.

Free Social Security Guide

Look ahead to see why and what it will do for you!

The guide was prepared for my retirement planning clients (in other words "paying customers") to help them understand the advanced techniques that can maximize their Social Security benefits. However, I decided to offer this to the general public because the community goodwill it gets me is far worth it.

Here's a sneek peek at some of the contents.

In the free guide that teaches you about the when (and how) to start Social Security benefits, you will:
  1. Discover how to quickly and easily obtain your current basic benefit estimate
  2. Learn whether you should file early or late (the answer may surprise you)
  3. Find out the secret side effect of social security on TAXES and how to play this to your advantage
  4. See the two critical criteria for knowing how to best maximize your benefit (neither of these is the commonly thought of criterion)
  5. Learn about coordinating the when of filing for your benefit with that of your spouse (over time this can be worth 60k to 200k more money, depending on how it's done)
  6. Discover 2 advanced strategies that can greatly increase how much the survivor gets if one spouse dies
  7. Get a by-the-numbers chart showing how an advanced strategy beats out basic filing
  8. Learn about maximizing benefits if you are divorced (you may not like your ex, but you'll love this!)
  9. Important issues for women
  10. And more!
when to start social security
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When to Start Social Security

By now you should realize that this is critical to your retirement future.
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When to start Social Security Benefits

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