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 What will a Stretch IRA
do for you and your heirs.
Here are some great videos that are in a series. The first three are about 10 minutes each and the fourth is a little over 5 minutes. They have some valuable information on IRA's and taxation. Enjoy.

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Roth Conversion
The Stretch IRA, a Key Tax Benefit

A stretch IRA allows your heirs to not have to have the money come out in a forced lump sum distribution, or in larger chunks.

By allowing for smaller chunks or distributions over time, important tax breaks are not lost, and the money can continue to grow and provide for a steady income for a lot longer.

A stretch IRA is not an entity or a type of IRA per se. What it really is is any IRA, a Roth or a Traditional IRA that is properly set up to allow for a stretch according to IRS rules. Whether it can stretch or not is all in how the beneficiary form is done. It has to be a custom beneficiary form with the right language in it and with the beneficiaries named in the right way.

This is harder than it looks because most institutions and custodians of IRAs do not provide the form, you have to know how to do it. Additionally, many custodians and institutions don't allow custom forms, so a stretch cannot be done in that case.There are relatively few custodians that allow it. So it is a question of knowing the who the right custodians are and of knowing how to do the form. As you might have guessed, we can help you with that.


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