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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? --

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Plan for life as if you will live forever,
Plan for death as if you will die tomorrow!
Please note: every field has to have a
value of at least "0", it can't be left blank!
Please do not use commas or spaces.
Section One -- Anticipated Monthly Family Income Needs:
Enter in the amount of Monthly Income your family would need if you were to die in the near future. This amount would be in addition to what they would get (if any) from Social Security and other sources. Don't include expenses that you wish to have paid off in a lump sum if you die, those will be accounted for in the next section of this worksheet:

per month
Years Income Needed:

Tax Bracket:
Taxable Income -- Survivor(s)
to $25,750 -- 15 %
to $62,450 -- 28 %
to $130,250 -- 31 %
to $283,150 -- 36 %
above -- 39.6 %

What inflation factor would you like to account for (this will allow for your family to have cost of living increases: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9%, etc.)?

Interest or rate of return that your family could earn from investing the life insurance proceeds (be conservative): (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10%, etc.)



Section 2 -- Lump Sum Needs:
A. Funeral, burial costs, etc. ($8000 to $10000 is common):

B. Final expenses from illnesses (above what was covered by health insurance):

C. One to three months of bills that accumulate while waiting for the life insurance proceeds, and for miscellaneous transition costs:

D. Probate costs:

E. Possible income taxes owed in the year of your death:

F. Credit card balance, auto loan, college loan, and other miscellaneous debt:

G. Mortgage Amount (interestingly enough, the word "mortgage" literally means "death pledge"):

H. If you don't have a mortgage but would like to provide for a home to be bought for your beneficiaries, enter the amount desired for a home:

I. If your'e gone, might the family move? What would the moving costs be?:

J. It is wise to leave an amount for emergency funds for the surviving family. How much would you leave?:

K. You love your spouse anyway, but after you're gone, he or she might want to get that nose job so as to look more attractive for a new social life. Or, he or she may not feel like a social life and will just buy a new pet instead.
Cost of nose job:
Cost of new pet:

L. How much money would you like to leave to charity?:

M. Other lump sum need:


   Total Lump Sum Needs: $
+ Present Value of Income Needed: $
= Total Life Insurance Needed: $

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